RGB 600X600 LED light panel

RGB 600X600 LED light panel


Details of led panel light:

H.B-600X600mm-RGB-SMD-LV is 600x600mm led panel light.this is RGB LED panel light.its power is 38W.this RGB led panel light have CE,RoHS certificates.it is frosted and made of 3528SMD leds.it can be recessed mounted, surface mounted or work as a pendant.It can be widely used in Hotels,Commercial Purposes,Residential / Institution Buildings,Entertainment places.

Feature of led panel light:

1) Dimensions: 600x600mm
2) Energy saved up to 50%. high intensity
3) 5-years life span
4) Combine Random color(the highest are 16581375 models) and different color temperature
5) Instant start, no flickering, no humming
6) New inner high efficiency (95%) With heat protection system, the constant vottage driver
7) Special circuit design, each LED route can work separately thus it can avoid the influnence that a broken LED causes.
8) No such hazard that mercury or lead enters the environment
9) No RF interference

Application of led panel light:

1) Hotels
2) Commercial Purposes.
3) Residential / Institution Buildings
4) Entertainment places

Part No.ParameterH.B-600x600MM-RGB-SMD-LV
Power consumption(W)0-38W
Input PowerAC 100-240V
Output PowerDC24V
Color temperature(K)Variable
Life time>50,000 Hours
CertificationsCE ,RoHS
Humidity Storage10-99%
Humidity Operating10-99%
Storage Temperature-20 ?? to +85??
Operating Temperature-20 ?? to +60??

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